Monday, July 29, 2013

Lead Me Home

"Lead Me Home" is the first book I have read by author Stacy Hawkins Adams. The first sentence on the back page description of the book intrigued me... "Shiloh Griffin has no identity outside of her role's as pastor's wife and mom." I find this to be true in some element for so many women, including myself. We may not all be a pastor's wife, but I find that I hear this type of sentiment from many stay-at-home moms.

Shiloh has dedicated herself to her husband, four sons and church family. One day, Shiloh is presented with an opportunity to become a substitute music teacher for a local school. This unexpected opportunity began to pave the way for the plan that God had for Shiloh's life. I was able to connect with Shiloh's character because I have personally experienced how your life can change with one phone call. The important message given in this book is to follow God's leading. As God leads, FOLLOW!

I enjoyed how this book was in our modern day and time. It helps me to relate to the characters much more. It was such a blessing to see how Shiloh was human! She had so many similar thoughts and feelings like I have had. She struggled with "Jade", yet Shiloh followed God's promptings in how to interact with this lady. If Shiloh had chosen to not listen to the Holy Spirit prompting her, she would have missed out on great blessings and on the amazing ability to help another sister in Christ out.

I would definitely recommend this book. Stacy's style of writing is different than I've read before, but I found myself enjoying this book very much. I read it within 2 days. We all know that can be hard to do as busy mom's.

I received this complementary copy of "Lead Me Home" from Booksneeze and was in no way paid for this review.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


John Bishop talks very openly about his own life in God Distorted. John lost his father at a very young age and goes on to explain how this affected him in his life. John not only lost his father, but he was subjected to a very abusive step-father.

Bishop urges his readers to understand that God is NOT a replica of our earthly Fathers. He explains how we all too often relate to God just like we did with our earthly Father. God is not some ruler waiting to pounce on you the second you make a mistake. God loves us. God IS love.

This book encouraged me to do better as a mother. It made me realize how I expect perfection out of my children at times.

I had a hard time connecting with john Bishop's style of writing, but yet, I would highly recommend this book to those who have come from homes where a father was absent, not available, unloving, etc.... John is very honest about his own personal life and struggles. I believe that those who came from such homes as mentioned previously would benefit and relate to John's own journey.

Click on this link to be able to read the first chapter of God Distorted.

I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Do What Jesus Did

Robby Dawkins gives personal testimony and instruction to his readers in his book "Do What Jesus Did." Robby Dawkins has been working in a mighty way for God. He has tapped into the true power that is available for us. He has become a vessel of God's love and healing to so many people.

I was hooked from the very first chapter when Robby shares of how men from a gang came into the church in a confrontational way. However, they left changed men! Not only did their lives change, but they were influential in sharing how this change was available to so many others.

I requested to review this book because it seemed to line up with a class that I was taking at church about operating in the gifts of the Spirit. I was amazed at how closely this book lined up with what I had learned at my class. It was not an accident that this book came across my path. I believe 100% that it was a God thing! He wanted me to read this book to continue to learn of how to live in His Spirit.

Robby Dawkins does a wonderful job of encouraging others to reach out to the lost. He mentions so many times that we do not have to be perfect to reach out to others; we just have to be a willing vessel. God will give Dawkins a word of knowledge about someone and Dawkins does a wonderful job of giving that word in a loving way.

I read this book while on vacation. It was so good that I started reading many parts out loud to my husband. My 12 year old daughter would see me reading and take her head phones off and listen. At one time she asked, "Mom, can you read some more from that book." It opened up a door to share with her about the love of Christ and how she can walk in the light of God's Word and be used by Him.

I cannot wait to recommend this book to others! As I was reading it, one person came to my mind over and over. I will be recommending this book to her first!

I received a complementary copy of this book from Chosen a division of Baker Publishing Group. I was not paid for this review. These views are strictly my own.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Christian Mama's Guide To The Grade School Years

Wow! Wow! Wow!

Erin Machpherson has an outstanding writing style and a wonderful insight into parenting. I have read oodles and oodles of Parenting books; The Christian Mama's Guide To The Grade School Years is now at the top of my favorite's list.

When I first received this book, I'm not gonna lie. I was kind of aggravated at myself for requesting this book. Come on, my baby only has one more year in Elementary School. My kids are older than Erin's. What does she have to teach me? I am the mother of an ADHD son... I could be the one teaching her! I was hugely wrong! I was beyond wrong! Erin has such practical and Godly ideas and suggestions that blew me away. Once again, I left my pride get in the way. I am beyond happy that I read this book!

Erin writes with such humor that endeared her to my heart right away. She refers many times to "The Fifteen Factors". I won't spoil what they are for you, but they are awesome!

I received this book complementary from Booksneeze. This review is a reflection of my own thoughts and opinions. I was in no way paid for this review.