Monday, August 13, 2012

House of Mercy

House of Mercy written by Erin Healy finds Beth in a very dark spot of her life. She makes a decision that causes a ripple effect in her life. She finds that she has a special gift from God. She is shown this gift by unordinary events. Beth comes to realize that she must trust Christ. I found this book very hard to delve into. It wasn't until that I was over halfway through the book that it became interesting to me. If it wasn't a book that I had to read, I probably would have given up reading it. However with that being said, I can say that in the end, I did enjoy this book. It caused me to think personally about how God can use non-traditional methods to get through to us. He cares that much about us! I received this book from complimentary from Book Sneeze. I was not paid for this review.