Monday, November 4, 2013

Sisterchicks On The Loose

In the book "Sisterchicks On the Loose" by Robin Jones Gunn, Sharon, a mother of four and Penny, a mother of two are two very opposite people, yet wonderful friends. Penny is a very successful realtor, fun-loving and former biker. Sharon is a stay-at-home Mom who works endlessly to meet the needs of her children and husband. She is not a risk-taker and seems to find comfort in the same day in and day out routines.

While their children were babies, Penny and Sharon came up with the idea to go on a trip together when their children were grown. One day, Sharon received a package from Penny. It was a plane ticket for a trip to Finland. Sharon assumed she wouldn't go. Her family needed her. Sharon's husband encouraged her to go with Penny and enjoy this amazing opportunity.

There were many events that came to pass during this trip. We learn with Sharon that it is good to step out of our comfort zones. Sharon found out that life can be so much more fulfilling when she did so.

I found this book to be a little "blah". It was a little boring to me. I like the concept of the book, but I did not connect with the characters as I often do in the many books I am privileged to read. It wasn't a bad read, it just wasn't an interesting read for me.

I received this book from Multnomah in exchange for this review. I was in no way paid for this review. These opinions are strictly mine.

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