Sunday, September 15, 2013

Raising Boys By Design

Raising Boys By design authored by Gregory L. Jantz , PhD and Michael Gurian with Ann McMurray is a book that will offer parents of boys some great information. The authors give amazing insight into how boys think, work and function. As a mother of a son with ADHD, I often feel at a disadvantage because I don't always know when my son is "just being a boy" or when there's more to it. This book gave me some great tools in relating to my son on a higher level.

The authors wrote about how the school system can often fail our sons. This is something I agree with heartily. I previously homeschooled and still appreciate how I was able to teach my son exactly how HE needed to learn. While the "system" may fail our sons, I really believe it depends on each teacher. There are some that understood that boys need to be active, while others do not. This is something I have learned as a Mom. Pre-being a mother of a son, I would have expected boys to sit still and quiet like my daughter. I've learned that this is not how it works with him. He learns best when he is active. Studying math facts while playing catch with my son is much more effective than having him sit on a chair across from me while making him answer flash cards. I'm so thankful for the reminder of this fact about how boys learn. It will enable me to be a much better mom when it comes to homework time!

I also liked how this book gave information from a male perspective of how things are for boys growing up and hitting puberty. Puberty scare me! This book helped me to understand more about what will be happening with my son. I'm heading into this stage prepped with some good reading material and many hours spent on my knees!

I highly recommend this book to Mothers, Fathers, Youth Pastors and Teachers!

I received a complimentary copy of Raising Boys By Design from Waterbrook Press in exchange for this review. I was in no way paid for this review.

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