Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Heaven Is For Real

I started to read this book with a lot of apprehension. I didn't have doubts that a small child could experience a heavenly experience, but I was skeptical that he would be able to articulate that experience.

It took me about half way through the book to lay my opinion aside and truly open my mind that this was a true experience. Upon completion of the book, my heart believes that little Colton did in fact have this experience and through the years was able to share about it.

The Scriptures talk about having a child-like faith. As adults, we complicate our faith and God. We put God in a box. Colton experienced Jesus and our Heavenly home that we long for in a special way. After reading this book, my heart is encouraged to be pure before our Savior so that I too, will be able to experience the wonder of Heaven.

I was given a complimentary copy of Heaven Is For Real by BookSneeze (Thomas Nelson) and was not paid with monetary value.

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